TCC are a specialist payroll bureau and have been in operation for over 5 years. We take time at setup to review your requirements and understand how best to receive data and understand your reporting requirements. Our strong IT systems, along with a measured professional approach and care allows us to ensure that we are able to deliver payroll services to you in the most cost effective way possible.

Some of the ways we will help you are listed below;

  • Using import functions to upload pay run information speeds up the payroll processing, thereby reducing cost as well as eliminating potential errors on re-keying information.
  • Exporting reports and payslips allows us to provide you and your employees information without delay. Far more secure than post and saving you the need to distribute payslips and P60s to employees
  • The electronic methods and systems we have developed are highly secure and obviously time saving for you and also help to significantly reduce costs. The extra time and better reporting for you will allow you to make the most out of your employees time and be another streamlined process within your business
  • We will look after all your Autoenrolment needs whether setup or maintenance and upload information to your Autoenrolment Provider, managing communications, and making this complex process easy for you
  • We have a wealth of experience within our payroll team and will of course guide you through many matters regarding your payroll, whether Maternity or Paternity pay, matters relating to redundancy, helping you with calculations on Pensions, Commissions and Bonuses, Benefits etc .. whatever your circumstances or technical difficulties we will help you resolve them. Your payroll service could not be in better hands.


  • Electronic

    Online payslips – a simple and innovative way to provide your staff with a convenient way to access their own payslips

  • Secure

    We upload and download all files securely through https – secure encrypted data transfer.

  • Unique Access

    Secure data is only accessible by each employee with their own unique log in.

  • Education

    Educate all your employees with simple financial guidance material, on such key issues as tax code changes and claiming tax deductible expenses.

  • Stay in Control

    Clear summaries and analysis of your payroll costs on an simple to understand dashboard accessible from your computer, phone or tablet.

  • Innovative

    A modern way to communicate securely with payroll information across your organisation, and have data at your fingertips anywhere 24-7.

  • Professional Service

    Experienced, qualified payroll professionals, happy to help you with all your payroll needs

  • Fast Turnaround

    Your payroll is processed quickly and efficiently, and reports uploaded for you and your employees to view immediately on processing.