Payroll software

Access and process your payroll securely from any location using our intuitive yet powerful cloud-based payroll software.

Simple, cost-effective payroll software

For simple, cost effective and accurate payroll solutions, choose Our payroll software from TCC – an innovative automated cloud-based system, accessible from any location. It is guaranteed to save you time, increase accuracy and cut costs.

Processing your payroll is simple and cost effective with our best of breed payroll software. Quick to implement , easy to use and totally risk-free – why wouldn’t you switch to a system you can trust?

Our payroll software incorporates a range of totally unique features that have been designed to increase payroll accuracy, reduce risk of error and ensure that all payroll accounting is compliant. It can even stand up to the complexities involved with Pension Auto Enrolment and RTI filing to HMRC is simple and easy.

Our  payroll software also incorporates a real-time link to HMRC so new tax codes, student loan notifications and any generic HMRC message are pushed to the our main dashboard eliminating the need to manually logon to HMRC systems to check for notifications.

There are many advantages to choosing our payroll software package:

  • Guaranteed smooth transition in a rapid time frame
  • Seamless integration with HR software
  • No room for human error with unique automated features
  • Batch report Manager to automatically create all payroll  processing reports as part of the calculation run
  • Access the system to generate reports or make changes 24/7 from any location
  • Highly trained and qualified team to answer all your questions
  • Protected investment with our commitment to constantly keep the system up to date

Our investment in research and development ensures that we provide best-of-breed payroll software that is simple to use and easy to manage. When this level of attention to detail is coupled with our outstanding customer service , you are guaranteed hassle-free payroll processing that grows with your business.

By choosing TCC payroll software you can save time, reduce risk, cut costs and get on with the job of running a business.

For further information about our innovative payroll software product select the Features tab at the top of the page. Alternatively contact one of our advisors today to discuss how our payroll software can benefit your business.