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The internet has brought many great things to our lives, but one of the downsides is the growth in online courses that provide qualifications that aren’t to the standard of others. People can get taken in and end up paying money for a course that isn’t recognised by employers. And in the same way, people can offer services as a qualified payroll expert, but they aren’t trained to the highest standard.

Why recognised qualifications matter

For businesses looking to outsource their payroll to a company, the exact qualification that they hold might not seem to be a huge issue. But there are some benefits to having these and other recognised qualifications in the people you work with.

For example, by ensuring that your payroll expert has a top qualification, you know that the advice and help you get from them will be to the highest standard. It also shows they are a member of a top industry body or qualification standard that is up to date with the latest practices and approaches.

In the long run, top qualifications mean the best professionals, and this can save your business money. It will ensure the work they do is to the highest standard, is as accurate as possible and complies with all relevant regulations. This makes them cost-efficient and ensures your business doesn’t run into any problems with HMRC or other bodies.

What qualifications does TCC have?

TCC Payroll Services is committed to a quality service and so has been awarded the following certifications:

BACS Accredited Bureau – We are proud to be approved by BACS Payment Schemes Limited to submit payment transactions to BACS on behalf of third-party organisations. To become a BACS Approved Bureau requires regular inspections to determine that the company is meeting the regulated standards.

ISO:9001 – An ISO accreditation is a non-specific payroll qualification that shows you have a clear focus on customers, are continually improving, take a “process approach” and many other factors.

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